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Launching ELKA & Switching to Sustainable

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I have finally realised that life's too short to not do the things you love, and I have to be creative. Its what I love doing, it keeps me going and it makes me smile so, I am giving my weaving my full attention.

I made the decision to go vegan about 8 months ago. I did this for every reason there is, my health, the environment but above all else, ethical. Opening my eyes to the meat and dairy industry has been desperately saddening, and, quite frankly, terrifying but it has moved me to think of how I can make a positive difference.

My aim, through designing and producing sustainable, cruelty free, plant based products, is to get the message across in a positive, informative way. I would like to show people that by going plant based you don't have to compromise on quality or luxury, in fact, quite the opposite.

Since writing my dissertation on hemp production and it's place in the current textile and fashion industry in 2004, and completing my MA in Design for Textile Futures in 2006, my interest in sustainable textiles has continued and grown. I believe that the only future of of these industries and others is sustainable, and the change has to be now.

The featured image is of my first 100% plant based product. Hand woven from hemp and bamboo with organic cotton pompom's, it marks the start of Elka's complete switch to sustainable, cruelty free design.

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