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Upcoming Events

 There is no need to book for this event, however it would be very useful for us to get an idea of numbers, especially if you'd like to try out shibori dyeing, so if you have time, click HERE to drop us a line and let us know you're coming.

We will have table looms, frame looms, and inkle looms set up and ready for you to have a go a weaving.

There will be an indigo vat on the go and the opportunity to try out some shibori dyeing if you arrive in good time. There is a limit to how much of this we can do, so if you're very keen, then please do get in touch.

Myself (Ellie), and mum (Claudia) will be available from 10am - 2pm to answer any questions you may have, and guide you through anything you'd like to try out.

We're really looking forward to welcoming you to the studio! X