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Louët Lisa Frame Loom (X.Large)

Louët Lisa Frame Loom (X.Large)


The extra large frame loom is made with raddle segment and comes with a pick-up stick. It does not come with a shuttle.

This size was previously sold with a stand but these are now sold separately, hence the reduction in price. 

Louët frame looms are beautifully made pieces of weaving equipment. They are  very easy to assemble and disassemble, making them perfect to store either in your cupboard or suitcase!

  • Small: 20x25cm
  • Medium: 40x60cm
  • Large: 50x75cm
  • Extra-Large: 60x90cm

This frame loom is available in 4 sizes. The smallest one is perfect for an introduction to the World of Weaving. 

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