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Louët Frame Loom Weaving Starter Kit

Louët Frame Loom Weaving Starter Kit


This little kit includes everything you need to get weaving.

  • Small Louët adjustable frame loom.
  • Pick up stick.
  • Shuttle.
  • Bent tapestry needle.
  • Vintage silver fork (beater).
  • 50g natural linen warp yarn (enough for at least three full width projects).
  • A sample selection of seven different weft yarns including recycled cotton, hand spun banana, naturally dyed linen, and hemp (all are available in larger quantities on the Elka website).
  • A bundle of plant roving.

Please note, due to COVID 19 and the effect it has had on supply chains, that the small frame looms may vary from pack to pack. They will all be good quality and they all do the same job!

The selection of weft yarn and roving will also vary, depending on what we have in stock, and the changing seasons, but all will include the yarns mentioned above.

This kit has been designed to accompany the following course:

'Frame Loom Weaving: A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Weaver'

CLICK HERE to enrol.


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